June 18, 2017

Richmond Green Park Wedding Photos: Jackie + Matt // Anniversary Session


When people found  love, some did not get to be together right away. Jackie and Matt met through Jackie’s older brother. The two guys met on Nike Talk and shared their love for sneakers. Matt became a part of her family and they met at her family events quite a bit. But some loves, did not get to be with each other right away as both Jackie and Matt were dating other people at that moment.


Many years later, Jackie was single and Matt just got out of a long term relationship. It did not take long until they were together. Shortly after that, Matt moved to NYC for work and they went through a long-distance relationship for three years.


In April 2013, Matt proposed and they decided to get married three months later as he knew it was important for Jackie’s ill mother to see them getting married. They planned a wedding in three weeks and had an intimate wedding surrounded by 20 of their closest family and friends.


When people found  love, some did not get to be together right away. One week after the wedding, Jackie moved to Vancouver for work and they spent the first year of their marriage apart. As we spent some time walking around the park for this shoot, Matt told me that the hardest part is the three-hour time difference for them as the day started earlier for him and Jackie wasn’t even awake yet. By the time Jackie finishes her day, it was time for Matt to be in bed.


I didn’t know their story until a couple days before our shoot and Jackie said that she knew he was the one on their first date… While he knew it from the first time they met…When people found  love, some did not get to be together right away. But the one that Jackie and Matt found was worth the wait.


Congratulations you two on your seventh year anniversary and thank you for choosing me to document this for you! It is truly an honour and I hope you love this set as much as I do!

Much love,


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